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translation services


There are several ways of getting your words, thoughts, and content to plenty of readers. A method a lot of people do not put into consideration is using various languages. This is possible even if you are not bilingual or multilingual, thanks to translation services.

In a nutshell, translation involves changing a piece of writing into different languages. In the course of translation, a person who understands several languages takes the words and context in the original text and changes it to another for the new audience.

COT can carter to your multilingual translation needs, be it Arabic Translation, English Translation, Italian Translation, French translation, Chinese translation, or Portuguese translation services.

This service is vital for several reasons. Being fluent in only one specific language does not imply that others who do not speak your language are not interested in your content. So, what are translation services and the available types?

Translation services are the techniques that you can use to change information into several languages. For instance, a customer might be interested in the content of yours, but it is in a language he/she does not understand, you can hire translation services to translate your work to target new audiences.

There are several ways of using translation services. But, the best and ideal way is to hire a translation agency. cot offers a wide array of medical, technical, and other translation services – ranging from the French translation, Chinese translation, or Portuguese translations.

Types of translation services available.

If you intend to hire a translation agency, here are a few categories to check out:

1. Books/Literature

We all love reading literature, and a language should not be a barrier. Several old classics from various areas around the globe are translated into multiple languages, and new pieces of literature can be too. Be it a French translation, Chinese translation, or Portuguese translation of your book, is here to help.

2. Technical Translation

In a limited sense, technical translation covers the translation of technical documents like industrial texts, engineering texts, IT documents, electronic documents, and others. With knowledge of some specialized terminologies used in this sector, can help with all your technical translation services.

3. Scientific Translation

This type is a sub-group of technical translation. Scientific translation service involves documents (like theses, research papers, articles, Congress booklets, conference presentations, and study reports) within the scientific domain. For the French translation, Chinese translation, and Portuguese translation of your scientific documents, you can hire

4. Medical translation

This involves translating various forms of medical-related texts like healthcare training materials, clinical or marketing documentation, and other documentation reaching to the pharmaceuticals. Plenty of doctors use the services of medical translators for prescriptions, patients, medical history, reports, and other diagnoses to write them in the language that is readable by their patients.

Medical translation is not limited to doctors, as several medical fields use it. For instance, labels in drugs require translation before they can ship to another country of different languages.