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Legal Translation Services

Our legal translators are selected not only for their linguistic skills, but also for their technical expertise. Our team guarantees accurate, well-written translations of legal, documents. Translations are available in major languages and can be certified for any court or government agency in any country.

What is a legal translation?

A legal translation is a translation that has been formally verified for use in official purposes. Documents that require certified translation services might include papers that have to be submitted to an Immigration or Naturalisation Department (such as birth, marriage and divorce certificates), official transcripts (such as high school certificates, university degrees and vocational training certificates), regulatory documents (such as informed consents, protocols, research data forms and case report forms), patents and many others.

In order to eliminate the risk of errors we require that our legal translators should be competent in at least three different areas:
 translation Patent and trademark filings translation


Deeds translation

Litigation document translation

Immigration document translation

Witness statement / deposition translation

Legal certification translation

Legal disclaimers translation

Legal marketing translation

Will translation

Articles of incorporation translation

Letters of credit translation

Affidavits translation

Arbitration translation

Confidentiality agreement translation

Correspondence translation

Foreign legal text translation

Government and legal ruling reports translation

License translation

  • Official documents required for visa applications
  • Legal documents required for court cases
  • Diplomas and transcripts for educational institutions
  • Birth, death, marriage, divorce certificates
  • Driver’s license, passports and visas
  • Criminal record checks for recruitment, HR and visa applications
  • Patent filings
  • Contracts
  • Financial reports and bank statements
  • Medical records
  • Certified Translation of Birth certifications
  • Certified Translation of Death certifications
  • Certified Translation of Marriage contracts
  • Certified Translation of Divorce contracts
  • Certified Translation of Experience and Graduation Certificates
  • Certified Translation of university and Educational certificates and transcripts of all kinds.
  • Certified Translation of all official documents and contracts.
  • Certified Translation of all official documents and contracts.
  • Certified Translation of commercial registries and agencies as well as tax cards
  • Certified translation of letters, receipts and all statements of all its kinds.
  • Certified Translation of Legal contracts, import and Export Cards and investment prospectus
  • Certified Translation of Medical reports and recipes
  • Certified Translation of company`s budgets and survey estimations.



A certified translation consists of the following documents

  1. The original document or copy of it in the source language
  2. The translation of the document in the target language
  3. The Certificate of Accuracy that attests to the capability of the translator to render translation services, the full name of the translator or the translation agency, the seal of the translation agency, the date, and the signature of the translator or translation agency representative.

If you are going to submit the certified translations to the USCIS, you do not need to have it notarized. But if you are sending your documents to a consulate or embassy outside the United States, the certified translation should be notarized.