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Submitted by mohamed on 9 October 2021

Governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) need to reach a wider audience and ensure the proper transmission


Translating government and association documents.



The Importance of Communication for Governmental Organizations and NGOs

International diplomacy is a delicate world, and a word can be interpreted in many ways. In this case, it is not enough to simply translate, but a culturally appropriate translation is needed to capture the right tone. With increasing global migration, government agencies such as the police, public health services and local authorities are required to translate communications to serve and represent non-native speakers in the community.

Governments often deal with important topics such as legal status or taxation, and accurate translation is essential. Therefore, it is important to address the communications aspect by putting in place all the elements that will ensure that the public is well informed.

NGOs, on the other hand, may perform different functions. Because of the nature of their work, they often deal with multilingual communities in different countries and therefore need translation services on a global scale to properly disseminate written non-profit information in different languages. For example, they often require translation services on a global scale to promote adequate communications and understanding.

Many associations analyze and cross-reference data from countries and communities to better inform the public. When they engage in community services, they call upon many volunteers who may not necessarily speak the same language. To train these volunteers, it is necessary to translate information into their language, making global translation services essential.

Some associations have become large and powerful organizations, with enormous influence and resources. They use advances in communications and information technology. They can focus their attention on environmental and social issues. They have the capacity to lobby governments and businesses on human rights, the environment, social welfare, labor, and other issues. For this reason, it is essential for these entities to provide clear and accurate information to the public to raise their profile and confirm their presence.

Entrust the Translation of your Documents for Government and NGOs to COT

At COT, the native language of our translators is always your target language. They do not simply translate a text, but localize it by making it culturally appropriate, ensuring full comprehension and clarity.

We only use linguists with extensive experience and knowledge of the public sector and NGOs for your most delicate texts.

Our expertise in providing high quality translation services goes hand in hand with a team of linguists and project managers with many years of experience. We work with you to create a solution that meets the needs of your stakeholders and fits your budget. COT is also committed to ensuring a high level of security for your documents to help you protect your most confidential information.

Are you looking for a specialized agency to translate documents related to government organizations and NGOs?