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Submitted by ahmed on 16 September 2021




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Marketing translation services will help take your brand to the next level



COT is an innovative translation company dealing with marketing texts. We are an advertising translation agency. Accordingly, we bring to the table a mixture of advertising translation services, marketing translation services, and localization services.

Depending on your objective, we can localize your marketing materials, integrate with a marketing team within your company, and provide complete marketing support and consultancy.

The Translation Gate, with its profound experience as a translation ad agency and translation marketing company, employs a team with localization expertise.

With our experience in advertising translation services, we can interact with your target market, wherever it may be. We will work on functional, digital plans beginning with the content you have. Then we can extend this in a comprehensive way.

Global Media Monitoring Solutions

Distinguishing yourself from other companies is major. Creating impact from the beginning of a marketing campaign is an ideal goal. The way to achieve this is creating logical, precise, attractive content that people see, helping create a competitive advantage both online and offline.

Our team knows marketing translation. We pinpoint the opportunities and risks in target markets. We will help so that your customers have an overwhelmingly positive opinion about your company’s products and services. This will help maximize your revenues and market share.

The Translation Gate’s global media solutions as a translation ad agency are directed by experts, working closely with you to generate keywords, and will localize them to your target regions.

The Translation Gate’s team identifies, tracks and shares media mentions to improve the SEO of your website and to help your social media presence.

Our marketing team uses advanced timeline analysis. We can quickly spot trends and opportunities, keeping you ahead of the curve, thereby ensuring you remain in top position along your market’s bell curve. Consequently, your positive reviews will increase. This will improve your global media coverage.