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Getting the words right with health and medical languages is not just a matter of saving time and money. Human lives are at stake. That’s why so many healthcare providers and medical product companies rely on COT to get things right. For hospitals, clinics, physicians, medical device makers, pharma firms and every other practitioner of the healing arts, COT delivers the specialized language expertise to save money, time and lives.

Experts in the Specialized Language of Healthcare Domains at the Mother-Tongue Level

The global medical and healthcare industry is vast, and COT has invested in building teams of translators who

know not only 100+ languages at the mother-tongue level, but also possess specialized knowledge of specific domains and disciplines of health, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. Our linguists have the know-how to use the exact and appropriate language, so that each word is rendered accurately and each edited or translated document is strictly compliant with regulatory standards. For doctor and patient records, for studies and reports, for instructions and publications, for sales and marketing literature, for labels and documentation, for websites and apps – our expert linguists know the correct words in each case. Our managers audit each project to ensure delivery on time and under budget.

Technical & Subject Matter Expertise

Clinical Trials

Medical Documents

Clinical Studies
Patient-Reported Outcomes
Medical Journals
Medical Device Documentation
Regulatory Documents
Product Labels
Marketing Content
Medical Reports
Patient Questionnaires
Pharmacological Studies

Helping Healthcare Providers: 120+ Languages,24/7 Delivery, Satisfaction 100%.

COT manages teams comprising thousands of mother-tongue linguists, many with specialized healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical expertise. We have rich experience supporting more than 100 distinct languages and 200 translation pairs. Our teams work around the world and around the clock, making sure your projects are delivered on time and under budget. Let us help you express the language of healing for global markets. We guarantee perfection: in the unlikely event that any mistake is discovered in our work for up to a full year, we will fix it immediately and free of charge.